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TBK Qatar provides elegant metal architecture solutions


TBK was established as a trustworthy corporation in the construction industry in FoShan, China, recently in the State of Qatar.

We are an industry leader in the production and supply of Stainless Steel, Steel and Aluminium,glass works. It was established in 1995, and was founded by a specialized group of industry leaders with great experience in the Asian market.


Our service consists of the following items:

Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum, Brass

We do stainless steel,steel, aluminum and brass installation and raw materials supply, specially decoration material.

Metal Finishing Works

All the finishing work such as Powder coating, PVDF, PVD, Anodizing and Electronic Polishing&Plating.

Design & Fabrication

We do design and fabrication for decoration stainless steel, steel, brass and aluminium works.

TBK Capacity.

Cutting line : TBK have more than 10 big CNC laser cutting machine,most of the machine from TRUMPF ( Germany)


'V' Grove

S4 + p4 Flexible Proccessing Line


Coating, PVDF, PVD, Anodizing

Polishing Line: Grinding, Brushing, Hairline, Mirror

Assembling Line


TBK is a leading distributor of specialist metal products in China with sales in excess of $1 billion yearly, The company has 5 factories separately in Stainless Steel, Steel and Aluminum,Glass and it sales more than 60 countries all over the word, and distributes for more than 500 clients and its product range is in excess of 20,000 products.

TBK invites all our clients to realize their vision with our mission. We are proud to present ourselves as one of the leading and innovative metal fabricators who with effective collaboration, relationships and tools.

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